Pesky Marines keep interfering with San Francisco's traffic

Thank goodness we have vigilant civil servants like Stefanie Coyote working to keep our roads free for automobiles. And also for any sort of demonstration whatsoever that doesn’t involve people in American uniforms.

Why were the U.S. Marines denied permission to film a recruiting commercial on the streets of San Francisco?…

Captain Greg Corrales commands the police traffic bureau that works with crews shooting commercials, TV shows and movies in the city. He’s also a Marine veteran and his son is serving his third tour of duty in Iraq.

He says Film Commission Executive Director Stefanie Coyote would only allow the Marine’s production crew to film on California Street if there were no Marines in the picture. They wound up filming the empty street and will have to superimpose the Marines later…

“Traffic control was the issue,” explained Stefanie Coyote.

However, the Marines would have just shut down one lane of California Street for a few minutes at a time, and Captain Corrales points out the Film Commission often approves shoots for rush hour…

The Marines we spoke with also make the point that the city allows street demonstrations, anti-war protests and other events which snarl traffic, such as Critical Mass. They still don’t understand why the Marines got turned away.

Do they really not understand or do they “not understand” the way I “don’t understand” why Ahmadinejad got an invite to speak at the Ivy League?

FYI, Stefanie Coyote is married to actor Peter Coyote. Ahem.