Jewish lesbian dKos diarist: I've got a crush on Mahdi even though he'd probably have me killed

He’s a revolutionary, he’s from a “minority” culture, and he loathes George Bush. What’s not to love? A communique from the new center of the Democratic Party:

I want to be very clear. There are certainly many things about Ahmadinejad that I abhor — locking up dissidents, executing of [sic] gay folks, denying the fact of the Holocaust, potentially adding another dangerous nuclear power to the world and, in general, stifling democracy. Even still, I can’t help but be turned on by his frank rhetoric calling out the horrors of the Bush Administration and, for that matter, generations of US foreign policy preceding.

Follow LGF’s link to the dKos post and read through the comments, where the main counterargument is that it’s okay to hate him because, in fact, he’s a lot like Bush. The silver lining in this week’s Mahdi Takes Manhattan feature is that it gives the filthy left plenty of opportunities to indulge the cretinous knee-jerk “enlightened” contrarian within by apologizing for this Holocaust-denying, terror-supporting douchebag. A few of the dumber ones have already piped up in support of his “good-faith gesture” at Ground Zero; we’ll see what other cockle-warming gestures he has planned tomorrow to get a swoon out of the, ahem, reality-based community. Keep it up, boys. There’s attack ads in them thar hills.