Video: Mitt's nifty new GOP-bashing ad

“GOP-scolding” would be more accurate but that doesn’t quite sing. I’m with Geraghty: I dig it, notwithstanding Soren Dayton’s point that Mitt’s in no position to be telling anyone what “real” Republicans should believe. True enough but beside the point: the ad’s really about good government and effective management, both of which conservatives are hungry for and both of which Mitt’s well positioned to push, partly based on his record and partly on his reputation as a guy so squeaky clean that he won’t even use foul language. Rudy’s too socially liberal to get away with an ad like this, Fred has too much lobbyist baggage, and McCain’s too much of an amnesty shill. If any one of the big four’s going to do it, and it needs to be done, it’s Mitt.

Mitt’s also the only one of the big four who’s hinted, however slightly, at drifting away from Bush on Iraq. If things take a downturn this fall, he’ll probably be the first major Republican candidate to tack left to try to capture growing anti-war sentiment among the right.