Was the tasing of the moonbat a publicity stunt?

CNN’s all over it. He gave a video camera he’d brought with him to the student next to him and asked her to film him — right before he started laying into Kerry. His demeanor “completely changed” once he was in the squad car and away from the cameras, say the cops; “you didn’t do anything wrong,” he allegedly told them — before asking if there were any cameras in the jail they were taking him to. He had no ID on him at the time of the arrest according to what he told the cops with 1:57 left in this afternoon’s video — but he did have a business card for his dopey vanity website, per the CNN report.

Dude. Dude.

Seriously, though, could he really have set out to get tased this way? If the goal was to end up on the news, wouldn’t it have been a safer bet to pie Kerry and then tempt fate by resisting arrest? Being obnoxious at the microphone on the off-chance that the cops would get annoyed and snatch at him seems a mighty circuitous route to media immortality. Exit question: Stunt or no stunt?

Update: Surprise.