Video: Petraeus is Bush's "stooge," sneers Maher

Via Newsbusters. Maliki earns the coveted Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death “stooge” seal of disapproval too, which is no mean feat considering he’s suspected of being a stooge for Iran. Any peg Bill can find on which to hang his look of smug, contemptuous enlightenment is sturdy enough for use.

Anyway, the clip’s just the bait to get you here. The real news, per Politico, is the collapse of negotiations between the Democrats and GOP fencesitters, whose wavering support for the war has been reinforced — temporarily — by Petraeus’s report. Reid can’t get 60 votes for a compromise measure so we’re looking at another round of hardline timetable measures that’ll pass, be promptly filibustered by the GOP, and then spun by each side as proof of the other’s recalcitrance. There’s a companion piece at Politico explaining why that strategy’s a big loser for us unless and until the war turns around. Quote: “We’re going to smash their heads against their base and flush them down the toilet.” That’s a peacenik talking about Republicans, FYI, not al Qaeda.

Update: Sounds like it was John Warner, newly freed from re-election worries since his decision to retire last month, who buggered the compromise.