Video: New footage of the tasing of the moonbat

Finally, we get a window onto what happened before the other video picked up. Watch the short woman cop gently put her hand on his back at 6:30 as if to say “you’ve had your chance to ask questions” — and then quickly back away when he turns around and puts his arm up. He makes another sweeping “shooing” gesture in the cops’ direction with his arm a few seconds later. As one of HuffPo’s bloggers put it, “Meyer is being kind of alarming and weirdly noisy”; his agitation’s even clearer after you watch this, which may explain why they were so quick to grab him in the video we saw last night.

The last 3:15 shows what happened outside in the hall and downstairs in the lobby afterwards, as Meyer begs for help from passersby before the campus police can “give him to the government” or, ahem, kill him. He looks serious, in which case there may be something genuinely wrong with him, although I suppose he could be nothing more than an unusually insufferable nutroots-brand drama queen. You make the call.

Exit question per Jim Treacher: At what time today does the first “Leave Andrew Meyer Alone!” parody hit YouTube? Click the image to watch.


Update: Patrick Ishmael of News Buckit says he’s seen this movie before.