Gallup: Mitt crumbles?



It’s tempting to read that as McCain cutting into Rudy in the center and Fred cutting into Mitt on the right, but Fred’s only up three points since he announced and Mitt’s down seven. Clearly McCain’s cutting into him too. Also, follow the link and scroll down to see Mitt’s favorable/unfavorables. That should be largely independent of the other candidates but even that shows a crumble: 27/35 now when it was 22/18 six months ago and 33/24 after his straw poll win at Ames just last month. He’s hit a few potholes, like when he misspoke by suggesting that his sons serve the country by working for his campaign, but I can’t think of anything that would explain this. Unless his faith is starting to become an issue for people. Is it?

Note well: it’s not just the national trend, either. Romney led Rudy by 12 in his backyard last month. Now he leads by three, with Fred having gained eight points in the same period. Exit question: What’s happening to Mitt?

Update: Then again, is anyone not crumbling right now? Except Fred, maybe?

Sen. John McCain’s troubled presidential campaign organization is imploding in Michigan, senior Republicans in the state say.

Attorney General Mike Cox has told state party officials he is resigning, possibly tomorrow,TUE as Michigan chairman of McCain campaign, several top Michigan Republicans told The Washington Times…

A meltdown in Michigan could presage the early demise of the McCain effort nationally, since Michigan was the one big state the Arizona senator won, with independents’ help, in his 2000 GOP nomination contest with George W. Bush…

A McCain insider told The Times today that the McCain campaign’s financial woes nationwide are so deep that “John isn’t going to make it without taking [federal] matching funds. He’s just not raising the money.”