Video: Rudy ad pulverizes Hillary over Petraeus

I don’t mind this one as much as the print ad because it’s not being presented as a defense of Petraeus. It’s overtly an indictment of Hillary’s opportunism on the war, with her knock on the general just one piece of evidence. He’s pandering shamelessly and opportunistically himself, of course, by exploiting the “Betray Us” furor to his own end, but in the service of exposing her own craven, shameless pandering to the left — which didn’t start with Petraeus and won’t end with him — I can forgive him his sin.

Please do note, however, that he does Petraeus no favors by co-opting him this way. The left wants to discredit him as a waterboy for Republican optimism on the war. The more he turns up in Republican ads, the easier that is to do.

Exit question: Check out the description in the sidebar at YouTube. If they’re sincere about wanting to defend Petraeus, shouldn’t they know how to spell his name?

Update: They fixed the spelling.