Hsu's suicide note: The Messiah betrayed me

No, not Jesus. The other one:

Hsu’s undoing began two weeks ago with articles raising questions about his fundraising activities in the Wall Street Journal and about a criminal case in his past in The Times. In his letter, said a person familiar with its contents who asked to remain anonymous, Hsu contended that those articles were planted “by a politician who pledged ‘hope and change’ ” — an apparent reference to Sen. Barack Obama, Clinton’s main rival for the Democratic presidential nomination.

“This is a sad and baseless allegation,” Obama spokesman Bill Burton said. “We had no knowledge of his past criminal behavior, fugitive status or a potential straw-donor scheme until reading it in the newspaper.”

Hillary, Bob Kerrey, now Barry O — no one had any idea that anything might be amiss with a guy flush with cash, whose businesses no one can seem to find, with a prior grand theft conviction to his record, who’d left the country once before with a warrant outstanding against him. The words “open secret” come to mind, and yet if that were true, how to explain that $40 million loan See-Dub wrote about yesterday? The Dems may not care where their money’s coming from but Joel Rosenman surely cares where his money’s going to. Doesn’t he? Well, he does now:

The lawyer [for Rosenman’s fund], Seth Rosenberg, said that managers of the investment fund tried in recent days to cash checks from Mr. Hsu but that they were returned because of insufficient funds. The concerns about the fate of the investment were first reported yesterday by The Wall Street Journal…

Source Financing Investors sent a letter to its investors this week saying that it was concerned about what had happened to the $40 million entrusted to Mr. Hsu, and that it had notified the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, which is investigating. Mr. Rosenberg said fund managers were shocked by the discovery of Mr. Hsu’s past legal troubles.

I can’t believe they didn’t know but I also can’t think of a reason Rosenman would imperil himself by dumping $40 million on Hsu without checking him out. It is indeed true that the Manhattan DA is now investigating, but there’s a twist to that too: according to this article, which quotes Hillary herself as confirming her moronic intent to have the possibly tainted Hsu donors re-donate the returned contributions to the campaign, District Attorney Robert Morgenthau is himself a recipient of Hsu’s generosity. A minor one — he received a $2,000 contribution from Hsu, which he’s now placed in escrow — but it goes to show just how far Hsu’s largesse extended.

Meanwhile, with a man in his custody who’s once fled the country and just last week went on the lam before a hearing in California, the Colorado DA who’s handling Hsu’s extradition hearing has decided he’s going to allow bail to be granted. Yes, really.

Update: Flip Pidot discovers the alternative to Hillary’s “give the money back so they can give the money back” strategy: claim that you’re giving all of the money back — and then don’t.