Giuliani's anti-Hillary, pro-Petraeus ad

Awful. When he said “we” want the same ad rate as MoveOn, I foolishly assumed he meant (a) the pro-Petraeus ad he had in mind would actually be about Petraeus and (b) “we” would include someone other than him. As it turns out, this isn’t a pro-Petraeus ad at all; it’s a campaign ad for Rudy, replete with logo, to prove what a swell troop-supportin’ guy he is and, more importantly, what a swell troop-supportin’ gal his likely opponent in the general election isn’t. At the very least he should have invited the rest of the GOP field to put their names on it too to show that he wasn’t motivated by electoral advantage. This looks like what it is — Rudy trying to exploit the admiration and gratitude (most) Americans feel for Petraeus for his own political benefit.

And if that’s not bad enough, check this out. He Silky-fied it.