Video: Hillary lectures Petraeus about the war, Osama

Drudge has been leading with Rudy’s knock on her for this for the past several hours so I thought you’d appreciate the primary source. Never will you hear someone called a liar more politely. Lantos was much, much harsher, but he’s not running for president so he can afford to be.

I clipped two minutes of Crocker’s answer off the end but that was the last question she asked. As you watch, ponder the fact that our Democratic superiors, who have intoned so stirringly about how the administration has failed to take the war seriously, are willing to piss away the seven minutes of questions allotted to them for crap like this instead of asking Petraeus and Crocker questions about what’s happening on the ground. If you can believe it, Obama was even worse in this regard than Hillary was. (And still is.) And Jim DeMint, to his great credit, called him on it.