NYT source: Israeli airstrike in Syria may have targeted nuke installations

“But AP,” you say, “Syria doesn’t have nuke installations.” Yeah, that’s what I thought too.

But we learn something new every day, don’t we?

Officials in Washington said that the most likely targets of the raid were weapons caches that Israel’s government believes Iran has been sending the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah through Syria…

One Bush administration official said Israel had recently carried out reconnaissance flights over Syria, taking pictures of possible nuclear installations that Israeli officials believed might have been supplied with material from North Korea. The administration official said Israeli officials believed that North Korea might be unloading some of its nuclear material on Syria.

“The Israelis think North Korea is selling to Iran and Syria what little they have left,” the official said. He said it was unclear whether the Israeli strike had produced any evidence that might validate that belief.

An Israeli Arab paper offers a third possibility: they were targeting Syrian missile base that was being financed by Iran — and they destroyed it completely. The Israeli government isn’t talking by a source tells CNN they’re “very happy” with the operation, which may have involved ground forces. Ehud Barak is certainly making his mark lately, isn’t he?

A Kuwaiti newspaper says Assad is being pressured to respond via Hezbollah and Hamas. I thought he already had.

I leave you with another cryptic hint at the target from the same JPost article:

Also on Wednesday, the Lebanese daily Almustakbal reported that since the alleged IAF foray over Syria last week there have been severe disturbances in Lebanese communications systems and cellular frequencies.