Comedy gold: Truthers descend on Geraldo; Update: Alex Jones goofs on Geraldo

With any other host and any other show, it would have been boorish and unpleasant. But as a backdrop for tabloid inanity on Kyla Ebbert, Larry Craig, and the temperature at which cookies soften as evidence of how heat stroke affects babies, it’s almost poetic. Two completely different forms of shinola collide, my friends — and the result is television immortality.

The clip picks up right after the 8:30 news update, with Geraldo presiding over a sleepy Sixth Avenue crowd while he introduces a story about the mom who tried to outrun a train in her minivan and, er, didn’t. 30 seconds later, almost by magic, the Truthers appear and make their presence known; highlights from the last 30 minutes of the show follow. For the record, I didn’t start laughing until the guy held up the sign about neocon madmen behind Geraldo’s head during the intro to the illegal immigration segment.

And before you ask: no, he didn’t threaten to spit on them. Exit question: What are they chanting while Victoria Zdrok is speaking? Is it … “whore”?

Update: Truther royalty!

Update: With thanks to Randy for the tip, here’s Ron Paul’s chat buddy on his arrest and the mustache: