Hsu update: He's never registered to vote? Update: Hillary to appear tonight at fundraiser hosted by ex-con?

The Blotter mines the immigration wrinkle. The Times mentioned in passing last week that Hsu is a naturalized U.S. citizen but didn’t source that fact to anyone or anything. Given the new and ever larger holes being blown in his biography by newspapers on a daily basis, I’m curious to know how sturdy that particular detail is. As mentioned in the last Hsu post, the FBI said it “got help” from ICE last night on the arrest. Maybe that just means cross-checking fingerprints against Hsu’s pre-naturalization records, maybe it means more. Simple exit question to go with the equally simple enduring question of how he made his money: if he’s a citizen and therefore eligible to vote, and if he’s interested enough in politics to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars and raise hundreds of thousands more for various candidates, why hasn’t he ever gotten around to pulling the lever?

Update: You’ve got to be kidding.

Update: He couldn’t feel his legs and was manifesting symptoms of dementia? Sounds like he was on something.