Zogby poll: 42% of Democrats think Bush either caused 9/11 or let it happen

I guess we should be grateful it’s not a clear majority, eh? You can thank the turds at 9/11 Truth for commissioning the poll; SLC spotted it earlier and has since been digesting the numbers. Spend some time with the data, paying special attention to question 402 starting on page 5 of the PDF. The results run on for several pages as Zogby breaks it down by age, region, religious belief, even gun ownership. The data for party affiliation comes on page 8. Here’s the most interesting bit, though, which I’ve taken the liberty of screencapping and highlighting. Click for large size:


The left has been downright giddy about its stranglehold on the youth vote, but note well the caliber of voter they’re attracting there. Note the result for Hispanics, too. I suspect there’s a fair amount of disgruntlement over unrelated issues, i.e. immigration, bleeding over into perceptions of 9/11 here, maybe not unlike many on the right extrapolating from the Clintons’ general loathsomeness that they must have had Vince Foster whacked. As for the data on Asians, though, I’m at a loss as to how to explain it. Is that immigration backlash too? Are they including south Asians, like Pakistanis, in the group? Hmm.

Update: A nice catch by Slublog from page 6. The Ron Paul candidacy explained:

Chose “Made it Happen”
Progressive/Liberal – 6.7%
Moderate – 5.7%
Conservative/Very Conservative – 5.1%
Libertarian – 11.6%