SITE Institute: New Bin Laden video coming on 9/11; Update: New tape coming tonight, says Fox News

I guess we know now what the “special gift” is.

Wherever he’s hiding, they’re obviously well stocked with Grecian formula. 2004:


And coming soon:


Update: Quite a scoop for SITE. Even Laura Mansfield doesn’t have this yet. Looks like that Taliban filthbag was right, as was Newsweek, whose jihadi sources told them last month that Osama was alive, kicking, and staying above the fray of the alleged Zawahiri/al-Libi lovers’ quarrel.

Update: Correction — the video’s expected in the next 72 hours, not on 9/11.

Update: Hard to tell from only one frame, obviously, but it’s odd that the backdrop and Bin Laden’s clothing appear identical in both images above. Maybe it means nothing, maybe it means that the videos were in fact shot roughly contemporaneously, or maybe it means he’s so isolated (or ill?) that not only isn’t he moving around but that even new clothing, if not hair dye, is scarce.

Update: SITE’s getting hammered by traffic but their item on the tape is only a paragraph long. The Blotter’s report is just as good.

Update: Probably correct.

Update: It’s 10:15 and Fox says the video is due within hours.

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