Video: Olby names Michelle "worst person in the world" because Geraldo wants to spit on her

No typo. You probably glanced at that headline and thought he named Geraldo “worst person” for being a pig who fantasizes about spitting on his opponents. Nope. Michelle earns the honors because Olby wanted to repeat that bottom feeder’s disgusting comment on the show tonight without having to vilify a fellow traveler. So he squared the circle by giving her the prize instead. And in fairness to him, it’s true to nutroots form: with but one exception, there’s no insult the left deems beyond the pale as applied to MM, especially if it comes in the context of some juicy Fox News infighting. Why shouldn’t they welcome mustache to the club with a little formal recognition?

About that one exception, though. Let’s see if you guys can square a circle of your own. Watch this, then go watch the Olby clip here. Explain how A = B. Show your work.