Open thread: Fred announces on Leno; Update: Web announcement video now live; Update: Leno announcement video added

Late night for the big A. If you’re staying up for it, feel free to sound off. If you just can’t be bothered, Geraghty has a sneak peek at the transcript. We’ll have the clip, of course, as well as the link to the 15-minute web video officially launching the campaign as soon as it goes live after midnight.

Update: It’s not 12:01 yet but the video’s live at Fred ’08. Here’s the YouTube version. I’ll have comments after Leno.

Update: Finally. Here’s a quick cut of the moment of the truth; I’m going to tack on a few other choice bits for a slightly longer edit. Back in a few.

Update: Here’s the extended edit. The announcement is up front, select comments on the idiocy of the debate format and the extent to which America should pursue multilateralism in the war on terror follow. NRO has the entire segment with Leno but he didn’t say anything about Iraq or Iran that he hasn’t said before.

Update: Re: the web announcement video, that’s a lot of talking, son, and a lot of talking points, all of it synced up with head-bob choreography. I thought he’d start with a minute or so of addressing the camera and then segue into 10 minutes of video biography, a la McCain’s recent Vietnam ad, but on and on he goes. Clearly he’s trying to leverage the success he’s had with his radio commentaries: no frills, just a straight shooter calling it like he sees it, sans gimmicks — a neat trick for a Hollywood actor delivering a 15-minute oration with stagy head turns at key moments built in. The sheer volume of information and the pace at which he runs through it is daunting, though. God, family, peace with honor, secure borders, small government, a frisson of horror at the thought of another Clinton administration — it’s all in there, but it’s a lot to digest in one go and he seems to be rushing to shoehorn it all into the time available. How many people will sit through the whole thing?

Doesn’t much matter. He’s trying to make an impression and an extended Reaganesque soliloquy does that, at least. Thank god he’s in a den in a suit and tie, too. If he tried this in a denim shirt with the pick-up truck in the background, I’d be heading for the lifeboats.