Fox News: More Fred staff defections, public grumbling on the way? Update: "This has changed things"; Update: Rumor -- Fred's spokesman out too?

This could have gone as an update to the video post but it’s Fred Day on HA and it’s way too juicy to bury underneath crap. Devastating, and most assuredly something to be read in full but without a shaker of salt: Jim Mills, the staffer who was let go today, is after all a former producer at FNC so it’s safe to assume at least that it was written with some sympathy for him and at worst that he’s a source. Sample:

The original Fredheads are no longer angry or frustrated; most have been fired already or given up. The remaining originals say they will quit soon…

As one insider said of Mills’ departure, “he was recruited and hired by the candidate and his wife and they did not have the guts to let him go themselves. They have wrecked his life and it’s totally wrong.”

Mills has become the biggest victim, but there are literally a dozen people who also left successful careers in Washington and elsewhere who now find themselves out of work — and many are suspicious that they were misled. Expect some public statements soon.

Some parts of the article don’t make sense, either. They claim that Fred’s abandoning his new media strategy with a more traditional, “corporate” rollout. Really? By using “The Tonight Show” as a platform to invite people to check out his 15-minute web video?

I spoke to a political-strategist friend this afternoon and we both think Fred’ll be fine if he has a good month. For all the annoyance among the base with his anticipation-building delays and conservative messiah posturing, he’s got plenty of natural advantages and a weak field of candidates to compete with. A solid showing in his first debate and some momentum in the polls over the next few weeks and none of you will care about any of this. Exit question: True or not?

Update: Geraghty taps his sources at Team Fred and corroborates the report that Mills was treated badly. At least a few people aren’t happy about it. If Fox is right and the disgruntled former staffers start talking, it’s going to be a nightmare distraction for Fred’s rollout. You’d have thought they would have kept Mills around for at least a month or two, if only for that reason.

Update: Big day for Geraghty — multiple sources are now telling him that Mark Corallo, Fred’s spokesman since the start of Fredmania (and the man responsible for denying that Fred had ever lobbied for any abortion rights group when in fact he had) is on his way out too. What a meltdown to have all this coming down on launch day. I wonder if Hannity will ask him about it tomorrow night during their interview.