Craig's voicemail for attorney shows: He un-resigned before he resigned!

The plot thickens congeals. According to Roll Call, Craiggers left a message for his lawyer, Billy Martin, right before Saturday’s resignation presser saying that he’d spoken to Specter and was going to announce merely his intent to resign, thereby leaving himself the possibility of changing his mind. Wait — how’d Roll Call get hold of it, then? Ah, because Craiggers dialed the wrong number and left it on someone else’s voicemail machine. Or so you might believe, if you’re a complete imbecile. Listen here.

“Yes, Billy, this is Larry Craig calling. You can reach me on my cell. Arlen Specter is now willing to come out in my defense, arguing that it appears by all that he knows that I have been railroaded and all that.

“Having all of that, we have reshaped my statement a little bit to say it is my intent to resign on Sept. 30. I think it is important for you to make as bold a statement as you are comfortable with this afternoon, and I would hope you could make it in front of the cameras.

“I think it would help drive the story that I’m willing to fight, that I’ve got quality people out there fighting in my defense, and that this thing could take a new turn or a new shape, it has that potential. Anyway, give me a buzz or give Mike a buzz on that. We’re headed to my press conference now.

“Thank you. Bye.”

Dan Riehl seems to think, as I do, that Craig didn’t misdial at all and that the audio came from Martin’s office. Where we differ is why: Dan thinks someone in the GOP got Martin or one of his staffers to torpedo Craig’s credibility by putting this out there, which if true would be grossly unethical and potentially ruinous for Martin’s practice once word gets around that his clients can’t trust him. Rather, I think he put it out there because he thinks it helps Craig by showing that he didn’t really flip flop on the resignation, that he meant all along to specify that he only intended to resign and might change his mind. Although in that case, why didn’t Craig just say that at the presser?

Exit question: What’s the deal? Is Craig simply this inept? All theories are welcome.