Video: New golden age on "The View" begins with defense of Michael Vick

You didn’t think her first day on the job was going to pass here without comment, did you? It’s the only way we’re going to get over Rosie, people. Face the new reality, whatever the cost in heart-ache.

Her “defense” of Vick is a qualified defense: she’s not saying what he did was right, merely that he didn’t know it was wrong because of the “deep south” culture he comes from. Really? Then how come he used an alias — “Ookie” — when pursuing this very innocent hobby? I recall reading somewhere that his pals once got upset when someone addressed him during a dogfight by his real name instead of his nickname, which, if true, would prove their awareness of their culpability. A link and a mention here to anyone who can find that article. It was either in his plea agreement or somewhere in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

As for DeVito’s crap at the end, that’s just dessert.

Update: Reader “bacadog” answers the bell. The incident I was thinking of appears in paragraph 68 of the indictment against Vick.