Geraldo: I'd spit on Michelle if I saw her

Perfect. Now I want you to go watch this clip from Cavuto’s show last week; skip ahead to the middle to hear him whine about how “this kind of personal, kind of gutter rhetoric is the product of this hate campaign directed against illegal aliens.” I wonder if that segment was taped before or after he was relaying his fantasy about spitting on my boss to a Globe reporter.

Let’s get something straight, mustache. No one, no one is more vicious in demonizing its opponents than the open borders crowd, be it the bottom feeders at the Journal who toss around the word “nativist” because we won’t indulge them their desire for quasi-slave labor to our friend KP who reduces the anti-amnesty position to some primitive racist impulse stemming from fear of brown people all the way up to you, now so sick with your own fake virtue that you’re talking openly about a form of assault. Every time you or your pals complain from now on about “hate,” I’m going to be here with this quote. You’ll never live it down.

Here’s another clip, from April 13 of this year. Skip ahead to the middle. What happened, champ? Had dry mouth that night?

Update: Actually, don’t skip ahead to the middle. Skip ahead to about 40% in, when Geraldo unloads on the Black Panther who called Michelle a “whore” on the Factor the week before. He’s a “bully” and a “creep” for having said so, declareth our chivalrous hero — four months before threatening to use her as a spittoon.