Breaking: Tony Snow resigns effective September 14; Update: Press conference video added

Just across on Fox. Not a surprise; he told Hugh Hewitt a few weeks ago that it was coming, ostensibly because his paycheck isn’t enough to support his family in the manner they deserve but probably because he’s just exhausted from having to spin Bush’s crap.

This is the first recent defection I’m actually sorry about. We simply must nab him for Vent.

Update: To no one’s surprise, he’ll be replaced by Dana Perino.

Update: From last May, Tony talks about his cancer. This was before the recent recurrence. Skip ahead to three-quarters through.

Update: For the record, he insists his illness had nothing to do with his decision although he still has five tumors he’s treating with chemo.

Update: A few highlights from the presser. HuffPo commenters have already answered the bell.