Breaking: Craig to resign? Update: Will announce plans tomorrow morning

Yup, says CNN, maybe as soon as today. Although given the GOP’s weird aversion of late to announcing bad news on Friday, look for the official word to come bright and early Tuesday morning, when the press is nice and fresh after a long holiday weekend.

Sounds like it was John Ensign, head of the Republican Senate re-election team, and the RNC hitting the gong in tandem that sent him off. Although he would have certainly announced next month anyway that he wasn’t going to run again, so I’m not sure why he didn’t just quit straightaway at the presser two days ago. Pride, I guess.

Whether he’s learned his lesson remains to be seen, but the GOP’s certainly learned:

The movement against Craig is part of a concerted effort by Senate Republican leaders, who are trying to learn the lessons of the Mark Foley page scandal and distance themselves swiftly from a colleague ensnared in sexual misconduct.

Several prominent Senate GOP officials told FOX News that Republican leaders don’t want to repeat the circular firing squad that engulfed the House GOP leadership last year after evidence surfaced about lewd e-mails from Foley, then a Florida congressman, to a congressional page.

In that case, House GOP leaders fought publicly over who knew what when and how Foley’s case should be handled — feuds that deepened the story’s corrosive effect on party morale and sparked public doubts about Republican vigilance on ethics and public morality.

Interesting comparison. Are they worried about who knew what and when about Craig?

Meanwhile, after three days of the left rolling in Craig’s misery like pigs in filth, the Times asks Republicans to try to be a little more fair.

Update: Another reason they’re pushing him out is to avoid this headache.

Update: Craig’s not playing ball. They’re going to have to do this the hard way with an ethics hearing, which will give the left a nice opportunity to reverse course and rally to his side as a poor persecuted minority battling the wingnut machine.

Update: Quitting? Or just declaring his intent not to run again?

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David Strom 8:31 PM on November 29, 2022