Again: Off-duty cop killed by illegal alien drunk driver; Update: And again

26 years old. Pray tell, how did our perpetrator react after knocking this poor bastard off his motorcycle? Did he rush out to administer first aid or call an ambulance?

D’Anna was pinned under the Camaro and dragged several feet before the driver stopped, deputies said. The driver of the Camaro, a 28-yearold Pontiac man, got out of the car and attempted to run away before a witness tackled him while authorities were contacted, deputies said.

His identity wasn’t known when that article was written, but it’s known now.

Ramon Felix Pineda stood mute in 52-2 District Court before Judge Kelley Kostin, who denied bond based on the severity of the charges and his status as an illegal resident of the United States. “I don’t find any comfort the bond would give Mr. Pineda the conviction to show in court,” Kostin said.

Pineda is alleged to have been illegally living in the United States for the last 10 years under false identities, including a cousin who lives in Mexico. He is being charged with seconddegree murder, operating while intoxicated causing death, leaving the scene of an accident causing death and driving with a suspended license…

Oakland County Sheriff ‘s Lt. James Ahearn told the court Pineda admitted to drinking seven beers before getting behind the wheel of the Camaro and was driving too fast to slow down.

Ahearn also told the court Pineda gave them several false identities. Oakland County Assistant Prosecutor Kelly Chard said Pineda has two bench warrants out of that district court dating back to 2001, stemming from traffic violations

Pineda didn’t mean to hurt anyone, but only wanted to run from the scene because of his illegal resident status, [defense attorney Arthur] Greenstone told the court.

I love that “only.” He “only” left D’Anna to bleed to death because he was worried about saving his own ass. Big finish:

“His 1-year-old son and his wife are here. É It appears this is a one-time incident, and it is awful, but there is no history of substance abuse or violence,” Greenstone told the court. “If you scratch this catastrophe, you will find someone who has been a productive member of this community.”

Except for killing that cop, he’s all aces. Two things about the outstanding bench warrants: first, although I’ve mentioned it umpteen times already, I’ll make it umpteen plus one by inviting you to read Patterico’s post detailing the many incidents over just the past few months of illegal alien drunk drivers with traffic violations on their record who ended up mowing someone down. This isn’t an isolated incident, no matter how much the left wishes it was. And second, remember that if we took Geraldo’s advice, even if Pineda had been caught and prosecuted for those earlier traffic violations, his immigration status would have been inadmissible in the bail hearing notwithstanding the fact that he’s turned out to be a flight risk. Let’s hope O’Reilly or Gibson picks this up and puts it to him; the boss’s stint as summer guest host is over, alas, or this would have been a barnburner.

How’s ICE planning to deal with this problem? With fewer agents, of course.

Update: I’m going to stop blogging these stories. There are too many of them to keep track of.

For a 73-year-old disabled East Hartford woman, the life she had before Alejandro Cuy Xum raped and beat her early one morning is gone forever…

And gone too is the canine companion that Cuy Xum also beat when he sneaked into the woman’s apartment just after 4 a.m. on July 18, 2005…

Narus had sought a 25-year prison sentence for Cuy Xum, a Guatemalan native who had illegally been in the United States for less than a month when he was arrested by East Hartford police…

The woman’s electric wheelchair was parked next to her bed, Narus said, making it obvious to anyone that she was vulnerable and essentially defenseless. Rather than simply taking whatever valuables he could and leaving the apartment, Cuy Xum responded to the woman’s vulnerability by raping and beating her.