Video: Steyn on the Opus non-controversy and "creeping shari'a"

Have any Muslims or Muslim groups actually criticized the Opus cartoon or have we already arrived at the point where America’s sacred, magical newsrooms are self-censoring merely on the off-chance that they might? This is CAIR’s bread and butter but I don’t see anything on their homepage or on Google News from them about it. In fact, the only statement from a religious group I can find is the Catholic League complaining about double standards and the only statement from a Muslim is this piece advising the Washington Post to “lighten up.”

I ask because it’s related to what Steyn says at the end about moderate Muslims being afraid to come forward if American culture doesn’t lead the way: the corollary is to give American Muslims a little more credit than WaPo has here. If even CAIR can’t find a bug up its ass about the strip, maybe it’s time to recalibrate expectations.


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