The obligatory "Craig denies everything to the Idaho Statesman" post; Update: Craig's airport restroom rated top notch!

It’s been up all morning at Drudge so most of you have probably seen it, but if not here you go. If nothing else, you can count on the big A to sweep up the Fedora’s table scraps.

The Statesman spent the last five months investigating the myriad gay innuendo about him over the years and found three sources among 300 interviewees whom they deem credible, one of whom claims Craig come onto him when they were in college. The “strongest” source:

On May 12, two days before its interview with Craig, the Statesman finally interviewed Rogers’ “best source,” the man who says he is certain he had a brief sexual encounter with Craig at Union Station, which is two blocks from Craig’s office. The man said the sex occurred in two restrooms on a weekday afternoon. He estimated the encounter lasted three or four minutes.

The man’s motive was twofold. A lifelong Republican, he recently had re-registered as a Democrat because he’s angry with what he sees as the GOP’s gay-bashing. Second, he was tired of Rogers picking on congressional staffers and offered him the chance to “out” a senator.

He was tired of Rogers trying to out closeted Republican staffers … so he decided to egg him on and make him famous by helping him out a senator?

It would all be darkly funny if not for this:

In the May 14 interview, Craig and his wife listened to a four-minute excerpt of the Statesman’s interview with the 40-year-old man who first spoke to Rogers. At first, Craig objected to the man’s anonymity, but agreed to listen. The man’s voice was disguised…

Suzanne Craig’s eyes reddened and filled with tears as she listened. After her husband’s denial, she said, “I’m incensed that you would even consider such a piece of trash as a credible source.”

To which Craig added, “Jiminy God!”

Before moving on to the next question, Craig turned to his wife and said, “Sorry, Hon.”

Assuming the rumors are true, I wonder if she suspected. Hard to believe she didn’t:

Most of Craig’s college friends say he was disciplined, studious and serious, even if he was awkward with women.

One woman who dated him off and on for a year asked not to be named, but said, “I don’t imagine that he ever held my hand. He was into the gotta-hold-the-door-for-the-woman sort of thing. But I always felt like I was an accessory. I might as well have been his briefcase.”…

McClure, whom Craig succeeded in the Senate, said Craig’s formal manner of speaking has fueled rumors. Craig was taught by an old-school orator β€” the late D.L. Carter of Weiser…

“Larry’s speech patterns are very precise,” said McClure. “They’re not what you expect from a rancher from Midvale. His speech patterns say, β€˜Hey, here’s a guy who’s a little different.’ And he is, he’s a little different. But that doesn’t mean he’s homosexual for heaven’s sakes! You have to jump from prejudice to suspicion to I don’t know what to give the rumors any credibility.”

But what about the all important gaydar test?

Last fall, Craig’s neighbors at a Washington marina expressed disbelief at Rogers’ attempt to out him. Ed Johnson is an openly gay man, former local elected official and has been an acquaintance and neighbor of Craig’s off and on for 15 years. He is president of the Gangplank Slipholders Association, a neighbor to the smaller Capital Yacht Club, where Craig lives.

A Democrat, Johnson works for the American Humanists Association, which he describes as “the godless, liberal, left-wing atheists.”

“If I thought there was truth to the rumor, I’d be first in line to out him,” said Johnson, who agrees hypocritical public officials should be exposed.

“But after 15 years in a close-knit community where everybody knows everybody’s business, to be that clandestine and never have anything said β€” it’s just hard to imagine. I mean, if somebody has a fight and breaks up with their boyfriend or girlfriend, you know it the next day.”

Read the whole thing, especially the part about how the rumors about Craig first surfaced in 1982. Bizarrely, he implicated himself in a page sex scandal by publicly denying his involvement — even though he hadn’t been accused yet. And then, almost as bizarrely, he did an expert enough job at damage control to become a three-term senator. Here’s the clip from 1982 of his denial that’s making the rounds.

Update: Turns out the airport restroom in which Craig had his “misunderstanding” is notorious for gay trysts. What bad luck.

The restroom where Craig was arrested is well known among men who seek sex in public places. is a site that runs a bulletin board for such men. “If you enter from the terminal, turn left and go past wash basins, urinals to the back where the stalls are. This place is THE most cruisy public place I have been,” wrote one poster. “Just passed thru here the other day. This place is so hot. This place has a constant flow and variety of hot guys,” wrote another. Even another poster wrote, “This is the best spot for anonymous action I’ve ever seen.” Of all the postings in Minnesota, the airport restroom was ranked the top by that website.

The details of Craig’s arrest are not unique. According to a post in June at, another public sex site, “Twenty people were arrested within the past week. Plainclothes officers wait in the stalls and tap their feet and even put their foot on yours and then arrest you when you look under the stall wall.”

Actually, does that make it easier for him to claim it was a misunderstanding? Not that anyone’s buying it, but if the place is crawling with cops who are looking for “signals,” they might be more likely to interpret innocent gestures as non-innocent.