Florida Dems' response to DNC's primary threat: Get bent

I said in May when they first moved up from February 5 to January 29 that I thought they’d be willing to risk losing their delegates to have an early primary. They want to play kingmaker by crowning whoever wins their state as the overwhelming favorite to sweep a week later on Super Ultra Mega Tuesday. Unless the near-impossible happens and Hillary and Obama split the country so evenly that Florida’s delegates would decide the nomination, the state really has nothing to lose by blowing the DNC off. Which brings us to this:

The state’s 10 Democratic members of Congress, led by Sen. Bill Nelson, issued a joint statement to “strongly encourage all Democrats to vote for their preferred nominee in that primary, regardless of whatever penalties the DNC might enact.”

“We cannot go along with anything but the state-run primary set for next January,” they said. “The vote is going to matter — period,” the lawmakers said.

The lawmakers said they would sue the DNC to stop it from banning Florida delegates, if it comes to that.

NBC predicted three months ago that Dean-o and the DNC will eventually cave and broker a deal that will let South Carolina move up a week so that it retains its pride of place as “first in the south.” The SC GOP has already moved up to January 19, which is wreaking havoc in Iowa and New Hampshire. Since they have to reschedule now anyway, the DNC might as well let the SC Dems move up to the same date as the Republican primary and let Florida stay at January 29, maybe with half their delegates stripped.

Exit question: What if Florida tries to move up again?