U.S. charity to pay for surgery for burned Iraqi boy


The Children’s Burn Foundation — a non-profit organization based out of Sherman Oaks, California, that provides support for burn victims locally, nationally and internationally — has agreed to pay for the transportation for Youssif and his family to come to the United States and to set up a fund so you can donate.

The foundation says it will cover all medical costs — from surgeries for Youssif to housing costs to any social rehabilitation that might be needed for him. Surgeries will be performed by Dr. Peter Grossman, a plastic surgeon with the affiliated-Grossman Burn Center who is donating his services for Youssif’s cause.

Officials are still trying to get the appropriate visas for his travels. Youssif could be in the United States for up to a year for the various treatments he needs…

When informed of the news in Baghdad, Youssif ran around his house, saying, “Daddy, daddy, am I really going to get on a plane?!”

“I feel like I am going to fly from happiness,” his father told CNN’s Arwa Damon, who reported the story on what happened to Youssif.

Here’s the background in case you missed it yesterday and here’s the CBF donation page. Choose “Youssif’s Fund” under the dropdown menu if you’d like to give.

Update: Turns out Dr. Peter Grossman is a miracle worker. Seeing is believing.

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