Heart-ache: Bush calls North American Union suspicions "comical"; Update: Fox News all-stars debate NAU!

The passion for this theory must be fading as fast as Trutherism because we’ve only gotten two or three angry “WHY AREN’T YOU COVERING THIS?” e-mails since the summit began. I can’t say much, but let me answer that question this way:

That new headlines page didn’t just pay for itself.

Gotta grit my teeth and reluctantly tip my cap to Media Matters for making this catch, too. After the clip, head over to Johnny Dollar’s site and listen to Tancredo and a few callers react to his brawl last night with Geraldo. J$’s exact words in pitching it to me: “Plus there’s an oblique slam at KP!” You know what I like, you magnificent bastard.

Update: It’s been a slow news week.