Gallup polls veterans on the race: Rudy +35, Hillary -22

I don’t get it. Don’t they know she’s a “hawk”?


Naturally this will be spun as evidence of the military being uncomfortable with a woman as CINC, not as a reflection of their feelings about Hillary personally. That’s okay. The left has already begun inching away from the “chickenhawk” implication that soldiers know best when it comes to all things war. Their skepticism about the Glacier will help fuel that Strange New Respect for civilian opinion. As for the GOP, I don’t know who comes off better: Rudy, who has the distinction of being the only candidate from either party with a lower disapproval rating among vets than among the general public, or Fred, who gets the biggest bump in approval rating among vets vis-a-vis civilians.

As for The Only Man Who Can Save America, whose cultish followers crowed over this as proof that the troops had become isolationist Birchers, here’s his veteran/non-veteran/total preference line among Republican and Republican-leaning vets: