Video: Five-year-old lit on fire by jihadis for no apparent reason

Maybe it’s because his father’s a security guard, maybe they just wanted to watch him burn. It’s a fine occasion, though, to revisit Michael Yon’s post from July about the boy allegedly baked and served to his family by Al Qaeda, the story of which inspired much shrieking and lamentations about wingnut propaganda in the “reality-based” community. How curious that in the cases of Jamilgate and Beauchamp we were solemnly warned not to worry so much about whether any particular report of an atrocity was true since, after all, they’re all true in the Larger Sense and their truth or falsity won’t affect the outcome of the war. And yet, when it comes to atrocities committed by the enemy, suddenly the same nutroots cretins were very skeptical and inquisitive indeed.

Hopefully that nuance will be explained in the next edition of Eric Boehlert’s Pensees. In the meantime, click the image to watch.

Update: More wingnut lies.