Silky's latest fundraising pitch: Rove fears me

A minor departure from form here insofar as the classic Silky pitch involves punishing someone or something — Coulter, Fox News, media coverage of his hair, cancer — that’s wronged him personally. This new one follows the same basic demagogic theme but shifts to a target who’s wronged the left generally — ironically, by not attacking Silky in the past. Follow their logic:

You may have seen Karl Rove’s recent attacks on Hillary Clinton in the news…

Rove knows that Democrats will rally around whomever he attacks—so he attacks the candidate he thinks Republicans can most easily defeat.

It may seem backwards, but Rove and his cronies did the same thing last time around. In 2004, they were scared of John Edwards, so they attacked John Kerry.

Don’t take it from me—take it from Rove’s own lieutenant on the Bush-Cheney 2004 reelection campaign, Matthew Dowd:

“Whomever we attacked was going to be emboldened in Democratic primary voters’ minds. So we started attacking John Kerry a lot in the end of January because we were very worried about John Edwards.” [Los Angeles Times, 8/19/07]

Rove and the Republicans want our opponents to win—because they know John will be the strongest candidate in the general election.

In other words, Rove assumes the left-wing base is a bunch of reactionary morons, so he harnessed the power of Bush Derangement Syndrome in 2004 by using their moronic reactionary tendencies against them. Now Silky, whose entire fundraising operation is premised upon Rove’s assumption being essentially true, is actually pointing out to them what reactionary morons they are in an attempt to co-opt their mindless BDS towards his own ends. Brilliant!

The irony is he actually might be the strongest candidate in the general per his Rasmussen head-to-heads, although I’m guessing that, a la socially liberal Rudy’s bizarre lead among the GOP, his momentary advantage there has less to do with his platform than with his superficial appeal. Hillary’s Hillary and Obama sounds a little “foreign” to the idgit ear; advantage: smooth-talking, white, male, southern Democrat. That won’t save him from the Clinton machine in the primary, though, including in gotta-have Iowa, where he’s already slipped behind the Glacier. Which, of course, put the lie to his whole Rove theory, but oh well. Won’t you please help?

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