Hey, how come that Drudge story about Osama being alive sounds so familiar?

Because it’s two months old. The story mentions that the video is dated June 15, 2007; MEMRI had it two days later and I wrote about it three days after that, but the Guardian was on the case on June 5, the very day the interview aired on Al Jazeera. Mansour Dadullah’s brother, Mullah Dadullah, a.k.a. the Taliban Zarqawi, also blew some smoke up the world’s collective ass about Osama being alive back in April before NATO put a few bullets in him. The Mansour video isn’t even the most interesting anecdotal evidence about Osama being alive to come out this summer. That distinction belongs to Newsweek’s report on the alleged Zawhiri/Al-Libi feud.

Here’s something slightly more newsworthy than this Taliban propaganda garbage: Navy medics training by dancing to “Peanut Butter Jelly Time.”