Paramount, Hasbro wonder: Is it time for G.I. Joe to go AWOL?

They’ve got a movie to make and merchandise to move, and global audiences aren’t in the mood for a hero from the U.S. military. A hero from an American paramilitary organization, though, dedicated to fighting the evil nonexistent scourge of Cobra? That’s a little more palatable. They’re weighing their options as we speak.

There are two competing scripts in development at Paramount. The latest comes from screenwriter Skip Woods, best known for writing the thriller “Swordfish,” the other, from the team of David Elliot and Paul Lovett, who last penned Paramount’s sleeper action hit “Four Brothers,” which Mr. di Bonaventura also produced.

Mr. Elliot and Mr. Lovett’s script is said to be evocative of the less-overtly militaristic version of GI Joe. A person familiar with both scripts describing theirs as “sort of an ‘X-men’ meets ‘Mission: Impossible’ — like GI Joe force.”

Possible compromise solution: Have Joe and company start off in the military, then go renegade and start a covert frag campaign when they object to Chimpy’s Zionazi war for oil. Guaranteed to sell out in Europe and the blue states. Thanks to Weasel Zippers for the link.