Tom Burnett's father asks for son's name to be removed from "Islamic" Flight 93 memorial

Remember this? After the initial blog furor, the designer closed up the crescent a bit (but not entirely) to make it into what they now call “the Bowl.” Most of us let it go at that point, but … not everyone. Follow the link and just keep scrolling, just keep scrolling, just keep scrolling. As I said when I wrote about this last year: if you need a protractor to properly express your outrage, you’ve probably gone too far.

Tom Burnett’s father evidently disagrees:

“It’s something I’d rather not do, but I can’t get anyone to listen,” said Tom Burnett Sr., of Northfield, Minn. “In a sense, I’m asking for a call to action.”

Mr. Burnett, who served on the Stage II jury that picked the winning design originally named “Crescent of Embrace,” said that he raised his concerns about using a crescent-shaped grouping of red maple trees around the crash site then.

“It’s almost as though it’s intentional,” he said. “This design should not invoke any Islamic impression of any sort.”…

[Memorial superintendent Joanne] Hanley said she wants to be respectful to the Burnett family and his next of kin, but she continued, the design, including all 40 names, was approved by the families and the Department of the Interior, and that is the design that will be built.

Follow the link for a bullet-point list of some of the, um, more “lucid” claims about the memorial’s alleged Islamic pedigree. Exit question: Isn’t this really Deena Burnett‘s call?