Congressman of unknown party affiliation charged with assault; Update: Silent correction issued! Update: CNN, MSNBC also omit party

I saw this story before I saw InstaGlenn’s post but my reaction was the same. Whenever they conspicuously neglect to note party affiliation in an unflattering story, you know exactly which party it is.

Annnnnd … it is.

NBC has the Washington airport report. Sounds less like a case of intent to do harm than of overweening entitlement. Go figure.

Update: Corrections, big media style — just add in the crap you forgot and pretend it didn’t happen.

Update: Mark Finkelstein reports that CNN’s bulletin also helpfully omitted his party affiliation; I checked the Tivo for the MSNBC bulletin and, a-yup, they omitted it too. Worth cutting the vid? Eh, I don’t think so.

Update: Here’s the CNN video, via Townhall.