Audio alert: Ingraham vs. Geraldo on immigration; Update: Audio added; Update: Study concludes that conservative talk radio sunk the shamnesty bill

Can’t. Wait. Will Michelle’s name come up? Probably. Will Geraldo sob uncontrollably at the plight of Elvira Arellano? Possibly. Will Laura goof on him mercilessly for his idiotic “immigrationism” defense? All we can do is hope, my friends. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Anything less than a full nuclear exchange will be disappointing.

We’ll have the audio afterwards. Laura’s producer told us yesterday that it was set for 10:30 but a reader who sounds like he’s listening to the show this morning e-mailed a few minutes ago to say it’s 11:30. If you want to listen live, tune in at both times to be safe. WYSL in Rochester broadcasts her show over the web; consider this an open thread for the program.

Update: The reader e-mails again to say he had it wrong. Sounds like it is indeed 10:30.

Update: I’ll have an embedded clip in a bit, but in the meantime here’s the mp3. The bad news: He didn’t give her one straight answer. The good news: She played the “immigrationism” clip!

Update: Here’s the embedded audio. And here’s the perfect news complement.