Video: "Michael Vick's School For Disobedient Dogs"

A little edgier than our normal fare but it’s Saturday, traffic is in the toilet, and, unlike most of the crap on Will Ferrell’s site, it’s genuinely funny. The F-bomb is deployed more than once, though, so please observe your official content warning.

If you need a news angle to redeem it, go watch NYT columnist Selena Roberts’s heart bleed for Vick, whose co-defendants she all but describes as rats. You may remember her from her columns about the Duke lax scandal, which she demagogued through a prism of race and privilege so cartoonish that KC Johnson once wrung a day’s worth of posts from just one of her pieces. This one and this one are good but this one‘s the killer. For a diversity scold, she sure seems to prefer her environs lily white. Click the image to watch.