Video: Fred a la cart! Update: Gucci loafers video added!

Stupid but amusing. The two main raps on him is that he’s “lazy” per his reputation for not wanting to work 16-hour days like most senators (and certain bloggers) do and that his folksy common touch is contrived to disguise the fact that he’s a wealthy Beltway insider. Hence the alleged significance of his use of a golf cart at yesterday’s Iowa state fair, which both Fox and WaPo noticed:

During Thompson’s whirlwind tour of the fair Friday, he wore Gucci loafers and rode a golf cart. That set him apart from other candidates visiting this week, such as Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), who took his two young daughters on rides and sat down to tuck into a pork chop.

If you’re going to put in man-of-the-people face time at the fair, own it. The media’s in narrative-building mode right now, especially as applied to the GOP. Don’t make it easier for them with penny ante crap that could easily be avoided. Especially when even Hot Air’s Fredhead commenters are grumbling that you look old.

Fun report from the Foxies, though, notwithstanding the error in the chyron about which state he’s from. Poor Carl Cameron almost chokes on having to report the idiocy that is the “butter cow.”

Update: Man, Fox didn’t miss a thing yesterday, did it?

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