Breaking: Tony Snow out by next month?

Maybe so, says CNN. No surprise, really: White House chief of staff Josh Bolten issued an ultimatum to leave by Labor Day if you’re planning to say through January 2009 and Tony the Tiger’s going to abide by it. From Hugh Hewitt’s show yesterday:


HH: Your intention to go the distance, Tony Snow?

TS: No, I’m not going to be…I’ve already made it clear I’m not going to be able to go the distance, but that’s primarily for financial reasons. I’ve told people when my money runs out, then I’ve got to go.

HH: How long will that be?

TS: I’m not going to tell you.

HH: Well, come on, make some news.

TS: No.

He makes $168,000 a year — not enough to support a family with college-age kids, apparently.

Three words: “Snow & Malkin.”

Update: He says he’s ruled it out but we can do it, people. We can make it happen.

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David Strom 5:21 PM on September 22, 2023