Yahoo News warns of anti-immigrant pogroms, LGF, "MalKKKin"

A-yup, almost as if to prove Charles’s point. Kos is a bigger target for righty bloggers because we swim in the same ocean but there’s no question, I think, that HuffPo’s worse. Day in, day out, on the blog and in the comments especially, neither rain nor sleet nor Tony Snow death wishes shall keep Arianna from her appointed media rounds. Occasionally something too dark to ignore will bubble up and they’ll be called on it but it’s a testament to her clout and savvy that they skate as completely as they do. Gutfeld’s gotten two years of material out of their queasier moments but you can count on the divine miss A turning up on Kurtz’s show or Hardball or wherever real soon.

Speaking of hysterical ranting about anti-illegal “racism,” I couldn’t resist one more go at you know who. From today’s “Big Story,” it’s the same old shinola but it’s fun to watch him spin and, especially, sweat when he’s pressed on the minor fact that Carranza wouldn’t have been here to kill those kids had we simply enforced the law. Gibby puts it squarely to him at the end of the clip and his reaction quite literally is to sigh. The one new bit is at the beginning where he fleshes out his proposal to make immigration status a factor in bail hearings for Class A felonies on the theory that illegals charged with serious crimes are more likely to skip bail if they’re released. Which actually makes no sense: someone facing a serious felony charge like a Class A isn’t going to worry about being deported, he’s going to worry about lethal injection or life in prison. He’s the same flight risk as a citizen charged with the same crime, which is why bail is so hard to come by in those cases in the first place. It’s the lesser offenses where illegal status might matter. An illegal looking at a year for a DUI is a greater risk to jump bail than a citizen in the same circumstance because he’s afraid he’ll be deported if ICE finds out. Geraldo realizes that, I’m sure, just like I’m sure he realizes that it’s the DUIs who seem to do most of the killing among criminal illegal aliens, but he’s too much of an amnesty shill to take the sensible position on this. He doesn’t want people deported if they commit anything less than a violent felony, even though they may commit a violent felony once they get out. Simple as that.

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Beege Welborn 9:21 PM on June 08, 2023