Video: We can end illegal immigration, says Rudy '07; no, we can't, says Rudy '96; Update: Rudy's camp responds

Credit where credit is due — this is some nice work by TPM. Reminiscent of the shamnesty debacle too insofar as the left and right are united in loathing the immigration squishes in the middle, albeit for completely different reasons.

Interesting that Rudy feels obliged to stick to his guns on abortion but will pander shamelessly on this issue. Is that a testament to its relative importance? Or to the depth of his own pro-choice convictions?

Update: I should be more specific. This is some nice work by whichever campaign handed this to TPM.

Update: Giuliani’s camp is pretty fast about responding these things, which bodes well for the general if he makes it that far. I think this is a dodge — the best barrier to illegal immigration now as in 1996 has been a fence and more BP agents — but for the record here’s how he’s reconciling Rudy now with Rudy then:

“As the Mayor made clear in his comments over a decade ago the technology simply did not exist to completely secure the border in 1996. Reasonable people understand we have made great technological strides in the past 11 years and our national security now depends on stopping the flow of illegal immigrants to our country. The fact of the matter is we can and must end illegal immigration, and Mayor Giuliani is the leader our country needs to get it done.” – Jason Miller, Deputy Communications Director

And here’s a soundbite from last week:

Update (bp): Let’s speculate a second about Allah’s inference above. Now who could have passed the old Rudy soundbite off to TPM? Who has a) perfect access to New York politicos and burial grounds, b) has an interest in destroying Giuliani early so that a (theoretically) weaker candidate emerges from the GOP and c) would think to pass it off to TPM rather than, say, a conservative blog, since Giuliani is in fact battling it out in the GOP primary at the moment? Hm?


Yeah. Red handed.