Video: Hannity clashes with Geraldo over Newark illegal alien suspect

The full segment ran upwards of 15 minutes. I pared it down here to a cool five, being careful to include Geraldo’s immortal malaprop at Kimberly Guilfoyle’s expense. You’ll know it when you hear it. Oh, and he also coins a new word. You’ll know that when you hear it, too.

Second verse, same as the first: it’s not an illegal immigration issue, saith the mustache, it’s an issue of judicial incompetence in letting Carranza out on bail after he was charged with child rape. But wait — what about the fact that he could have been deported had the feds known about that earlier indictment, which they didn’t thanks to Newark’s sanctuary city policy? Wouldn’t that mean the three kids in Newark would still be alive? Hannity’s co-host fields that one: sure, but then he would have been loose on the streets of Peru instead of on the streets of New Jersey and we should have no preference between those two options. In other words, because the judge didn’t do his job on bail, ICE shouldn’t do its job with respect to deportation lest we end up exporting “our” problem, which of course really isn’t our problem at all. And that in turn means this really isn’t “about” immigration. Got that?

The punchline is that most cases involving criminal illegal aliens don’t turn on judicial incompetence. The FUBAR bail ruling is Geraldo’s very convenient “out” here; revisit Patterico’s “Deport the Criminals First” post and note how many of them were in for DUI and did their time, in full accordance with the law, only to kill when they got out. So far as I know, Geraldo doesn’t want DUIs to be deportable offenses at all. In fact, the most he’ll concede (at the beginning of the clip) is that illegal status should be a factor in setting bail. Which actually makes no sense — if there’s nothing wrong with being “undocumented,” why hold it against the defendant with respect to bail but not with respect to deportability? — but it’s his nod at being “tough” on a guy who stands accused of raping toddlers and shooting teenagers in the head. And so the question remains: What if Carranza had been in for drunk driving and been bailed out per proper procedures? Where’s your judicial incompetence excuse then?

Pathetic. And the most pathetic part is that Geraldo’s not even the one who comes off looking the most foolish here.

Update: Notice how no one, not even Hannity, pauses to reflect that if the immigration laws were being enforced, Carranza wouldn’t have been here to commit the initial child-rape offense either. (Assuming that he did commit it, that is; he’s only been indicted so far.) They’re all writing off child molestation as a free-bite-at-the-apple kind of thing, even though but for his presence in the U.S. it never would have happened. That sort of makes this “about” immigration, does it not?

Update: Here’s an idea for tomorrow night’s H&C. Invite the relatives of the three dead kids in Newark down to the set and have Kirsten explain to them why we should have no preference as to whether this degenerate was released onto the streets of New Jersey versus the streets of Peru.

Update: Debbie Schlussel catches something I totally missed. With about 10 seconds left in the clip, Powers refers to illegal aliens as … “law-abiding citizens.” Check, please.

Jazz Shaw May 24, 2022 7:58 AM ET