Vick set to cop a plea on dogfighting charges?

His three co-defendants already pleaded out and are ready to roll over, which might actually be lucky for him: now, instead of taking his chances at trial and risking a longer sentence, he’ll plead early, get off relatively easy, and be able to profess forevermore that he was actually innocent and only made a deal because his pals were planning to throw him under the bus as part of their own deals.

He’ll do time, though. Not sure where that leaves his career.

If the announcement is that Vick has reached a plea agreement, the embattled star quarterback is expected to be sentenced to some time in prison, according to federal sentencing guidelines.

Vick’s motivation to enter a guilty plea is likely fueled by the U.S. Attorney’s Office announcement last month that it will seek a new “superseding” indictment against Vick by the end of August. With the cooperation of Vick’s three co-defendants, there will likely be new, and more specific, allegations against Vick. The federal grand jury in Richmond is expected to hand up that indictment sometime early next week.

If Vick can reach an agreement by the end of this week, he would not have to answer to any additional charges.

This week, Vick learned that in the criminal justice system, friendship only goes so far.

No word yet on a suspension but the Falcons are prepared for the worst:

Tailback Warrick Dunn, who spoke to Vick recently, said Falcons players are already of the mindset that they’ll have to play without him.

“Mike is going to be missed, and he has been missed, but at the same time, you have to go on,” he said.

Exit question: Who does he catch on with after prison, the Cowboys or the Raiders?