GOP YouTube debate officially back on -- possibly without Mitt; Update: CNN seeking submissions from DU

I said most of what I had to say about this last week, when it was probably back on. But the Snowman telling Mitt to “lighten up slightly” made me laugh and that’s reason enough to post again.

It’s set for November 28. Mitt’s likely going to cave and join the fray too, especially if he’s trailing badly in October, but if he inches up before then it may be worth pulling a nonsense gesture like this to distinguish himself from the pack and claim the mantle, however clumsily, of Reagan refusing to remove his jacket in the Oval Office out of respect for the presidency. That would play well with some of the base but how well and with how much would depend on how the debate turns out. If the questions are serious and/or if Fred or Rudy (or Huckabee?) turns it into a showcase for their own people skills, Mitt ends up looking like a stooge by sitting it out. If, on the other hand, it’s the sustained hatchet job that the Hewitt crew expects, Mitt looks like a genius.

A gamble like that would add a little extra intrigue to it, though. I kind of hope now that he does sit out.

Update: Via tipster RLW, maybe Mitt’s got a good idea here: