The obligatory "Guardian rat wishes death for Iraqi interpreters" post

What can you say? So cartoonish was Charles’s blockquote that I read through the post at the Guardian site just to make sure he had it right.

The money quote is the one about who the “true heroes” are but the important part is the last sentence. Once you accept that this is “George Bush’s war,” as even Hillary “Hawk” Clinton does, then you’ve got a free line of moral credit for every atrocity that may occur from here on out. 500,000 dead from ethnic cleansing post-withdrawal? Charge that to George Bush’s account and redeem the points you earn for Senate seats. In fact, if you regard Iraq, as the left does, as a paradigm Teachable Moment about intervention and warmongering and American hubris, then the more dead there are, the more teachable the moment becomes and the better off we are in the long run. That’s precisely where the turd who wrote the Guardian piece ends up, albeit via the circuitous route of condemning Iraqis who’ve assisted coalition troops in assisting the democratically elected Iraqi government as traitors to the mindless cause of “resistance.”

Go read Totten’s interview with an Iraqi interpreter if you missed it earlier this week. “The militias will hunt down and kill me and my family. I will beat them to it by killing myself.”