Video: Bush on the "19 kids" who attacked us on 9/11

Not just cringeworthy but factually wrong: many of them were in their mid-20s and Atta, the ringleader, had just turned 33. Tammy Bruce is beside herself. I don’t want to beat up on him too much since his larger point, about the need to dismantle the Islamist death cult before it brainwashes more fanatics, is right and just. But he’s awfully close to the line here of excusing them for what they did. Absolving terrorists of their moral agency is the province of the left. Let’s keep it that way.

If you’re wondering about the substance of the presser, he called on Iranians once again to rise up and cast off their chains, which shows you how confident he is in his other strategic options. WaPo reports this morning that Iran hawks have regained the momentum inside the administration and that if Iran doesn’t stand down on its nuke program things may come to a head next spring — right around the time we’d be starting to draw down troops if the Democrats have their way next month. Which, the latest polls notwithstanding, they probably will.

Meanwhile, a think tank at NYU thinks the unthinkable.

Update: The cult/deprogramming paradigm is no idle metaphor. “[Gen. Ray] Odierno is out there killing Al Qaeda. I’m trying to kill the idea of Al Qaeda.”