Pew poll shocka: Trust in media tends to vary by party

Presented mostly without comment. The red markings I’ve added tell most of the story anyway. There’s more at Pew, especially as regards Fox News viewers versus fans of other cable networks. The Foxies tend to be a little more, er, suspicious.

For the first one, note that we’re looking at a small fall off from 1985 until 1992, right around the time conservative talk radio started to take off. Then — boom. The sharp drop for network news over the last two years is, I’m guessing, due to perceptions about Iraq reporting:


More Iraq effects. Note the fleeting parity in 1999, after the impeachment fiasco, and the startling fact that fewer Democrats see the press as too critical of America now than they did in 1985. Is that left-wing disgruntlement over Iraq coverage before the war or a side effect of the left shifting further left?


The Beauchamp saga explained? Note where independents come down on this one:


And finally, Pew provides the highlighting for the trends here. Sad to say, but except for the Iraq effects during the last two years, the Dems are actually more evenhanded on this subject than we are: