Leftist sets up fake KKK site to smear Fred? Update: Fake KKK site now redirects ... to Silky's campaign site (bumped)

No confession yet but it looks that way. Nice work by Captain Ed. Follow the links he provides to the FEC receipts for “Henry Reynolds” and compare the addresses for yourself.

Ed seems to think it’s a genuine false flag operation (“underhanded”) meant to make people think Fred has some actual fans in the Klan. I think it’s more in line with WhiteHouse.org or when the Soros machine famously took advantage of Cheney misstating the name of FactCheck.org during his vice-presidential debate with Silky in 2004. There’s no deception, really, unless you’re a halfwit MSNBC producer; they’re simply trying to capitalize on the domain name confusion to goof on any supporters of their hate object who might stumble onto their site instead. The fact that the domain was obviously deliberately chosen to resemble the domain of the official campaign site is actually the biggest giveaway, and probably what raised Ed’s suspicion in the first place. If Reynolds or whoever had really wanted to plant a false flag, he’d have been better off calling it “KlansmenForFred.com” and feeding the link to Kos.

Exit question: You think he’ll call Ed back?

Update: I completely missed Ed’s update. Sweet enough to earn this post the rare, coveted bump.

Update: Classy guy — the redirect no longer goes to the Edwards campaign but to Goatse.